Ord Solutions
Rova Dual Extrusion Configuration

This is a well-made printer of quality construction beyond what you get from similarly priced printers.
The solid, larger aluminum frame has an industrial quality.
The extruders have been reliable.
This printer is the water cooled. Expect nozzle adjusments to be more difficult with the extra hoses.

ORD solutions has been forthcomming with firmware updates and improvements.
Issues have been dealt with through ORD's online help. Information about the machine is provided upon request and we have been able to handle all problems.

The out of the box the dual extruder is not optimized for maximum print size (220X240).
Changing the second nozzle position, closer in the Y rather than X axis, achieves travel of 250mm by 270mm.
The Simplify3D software does a good job.

Minor issues include:
The printer's feet have a tendency to come off when you move the printer. There is no display to run the printer independently. Access to the screws for the main board requires moving the print bed. The tubing and wires also needed adjustment to prevent binding.

This Canadian made 3D printer has left us with no regrets.