A bit of my Concurent engineer song over a low res drone video of mine.


If you are listening to one of my songs or are watching a performance and would like to know what it is I am saying, go here and find the lyrics. But be warned, in a performance I sometimes deviate.

About Marc Soubliere - Spackstor

My older brother took up guitar when I was twelve or thirteen. Eventually he showed me a few chords and I've been messing with the instrument off and on ever since. My fingerpicking style is what some call natural, meaning I do not use formal picking styles.

Like a genies bottle, if I repetitively touch my instrument (guitar) in the right ways, magic in the form of music manifests itself. This pleases no one more than me. This pleasure causes me to chant and with some cognitive initiative words eventually surface.

Among other things, I am a product designer, a husband, a father, a brother, a handyman, a guy who likes coffee, wine, potato chips, hugs, laughter, television, my 3D printer, a good read and many other things

In other words an ordinary guy. And yet my music is extraordinary to me, and I have run into others who enjoy its alternative feel. If just one of my songs is enjoyable to you that's a tremendous accomplishment for me.

So if you hear that Spackstor is in town, please come have a listen.

If you need to reach me email spackstor@leap-id.com

I will gladly play a small venue for a reasonable price, a good cause or just for the fun of it.

About the name, Spaxter was an award winning sci-fi radio drama which I enjoyed. Surprisingly many use the handle so I came up with my unique spelling. When I check into a hotel, get my card at the gym, or need to leave my name (Marc Soubliere) for any reason, I articulate very carefully Sue-Blee-air. These anglicized phonemes for my last name usually result in the ess (letter S) response, at which point I carefully spell my name. Oddly Spaxter being close to Baxter is usually spelt as the author intended, and not being my actual name, you can spell it anyway you'd like