Here you will find some sideline activities.
Digital HDTV is a viable alternative to cable/satelite though something must be done for sports access. I took up antennas as a hobby and now we watch via the airwaves. On the down side, in this less urban center, CTV, CBC have been permitted to go off air.(Analogue CTV is not viable.) So folks below the poverty line saving for their children's education, not of paying for cable and internet are just out of luck. Anyway, now we watch mostly the same shows, but out of the USA.
As an asside, antenna skills apply to more than just UHF. .


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1 & 2) Yagi Uda antenna for channel 41 using aluminum segment from blinds. Unfortunately the wider bandwidth of the wide segments take away from the gain for channel 41. Dah!
3) Antenna rotator. Complete project posted on Git Hub.
4) A modified toy drone remote. 3D printed element holder increases range 3X.
5) Same 2.4Ghz antenna attached to Git Hub's Martin Ger ESP8266 repeater. Works great.