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Manufacturing and Design Processes

Hands on design experience with mass production processes assures manufacturability. Injection moulding designs, CNC sheet metal parts, drawn sheet metal, wire formed parts, die castings and many first hand experiences assure appropriate selection and execution. Every process has limitations, design requirements and associated costs.

Lower portion of PBX housing Assembled by Flextronics China. Panel produced in UK requires Knock-out detail corrections. Drawings for an injection moulding tool help assess best development strategy. Radiated Disturbance Class B. Vendor runs Mould Flow simulation.

Cost effective processes must be chosen, and every product solution is different. Every product has a production "value" component with a cost quality tradeoff which is unique and will reflect appropriate suppliers choices. In choosing your vendors we can help you understand your specifications which are a quality guideline that address which suppliers can meet your product needs. It is not unusual for specifications to evolve through supplier feedback or changes.

Choosing the right supplier is critical. Working with local suppliers you can meet with as required is simplest and often makes sense. With more extemsive projects, component specialists exist who can recommend suppliers based on specific objectives. Product success will evolve your supplier needs.

For mass production, in an assessment of Asian vendors, John Yuan is fluent in Mandarin, has a doctorate in engineering from Waterloo and can be instrumental in assessing vendors. Injection moulders, assembly facilities, sheet metal fabricators of many types (CNC, progressive tooling, deep draw tooling) die casters and finishing experts (plating, painting, anodizing, screening) and plastics or aluminum extruders can all be evaluated. As secondary assessments we can include circuit board manufacturers, keypad manufacturers (elastomeric and membrane) and LCD/LED display manufacturers. Toolmakers would also be in this mix.

Injection Moulded Cable manager. Section From a blow moulded door. Aluminum extrusion, anodized, for small housing. Die Cast Bezel for public phone display and navigation keys. Plastic Extrusions. Spring Steel connector quick fit. Keypad Elastomer. Large injection Moulded Blower Housing.